HELUKABEL Denmark impresses at the HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia trade fair

HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia, one of the most important trade fairs in Scandinavia for technology and industry, kicked off this year in Herning on Tuesday, October 3 and ended on Thursday, October 5.


Brian Lyngholm, Dennis Johansen, Holger Weeber, Kim Ringsgart and Sergej Beidinger

This annual event attracted visitors, experts and companies from all over Scandinavia looking for the latest innovations and technologies in the industry.

This year, we were a notable participant at the fair. As a team, we made an impressive mark on the event with our innovative solutions for cables and wires. Our participation highlighted the important contribution we make to the industry in Scandinavia and globally.

Alongside our subsidiaries EKD Systems, and Kabelmat, the HELUKABEL group showcased its enhanced identity as a comprehensive supplier, offering tailored solutions for automation, encompassing cables, conductors, dress packs for robotics, and preassembled drag chains ready for installation.

During the fair, lively and productive conversations unfolded at our exhibition stand. Strategically located in Hall G, an oasis of activity and innovation, our stand quickly became a hub for networking and exchanging ideas.

Among the honored visitors who stopped by to participate in our dialogue, we had the privilege of welcoming two remarkable guests, Holger Weeber and Fiona Rahman, representatives from HELUKABEL's head office in Hemmingen, Germany. In addition, we also had our experienced expert Sergej Beidinger from EKD Systems in attendance.

With our competent and committed employees, we were able to engage in meaningful conversations and present innovative solutions to our visitors. Our goal was to listen, understand the needs and together explore ways to fulfill them.

As part of the international HELUKABEL network, we at HELUKABEL Denmark have built a reputation for quality, innovation and reliability within our product range. We are known for providing customized cable and wire solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. With a dedicated team of experts and an extensive product range, we at HELUKABEL Denmark are a key player in providing the Danish industry with necessary electrical connectivity and technological support.

Our participation in the event has shown our commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry and demonstrate the latest advances in cable technology.

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In our recent article about HELUKABEL's partiipation at the HI tech & Industry Scandinavia exhibition, we wanted to give an exclusive look at the key moments from our time at the event.

The HELUKABEL team in action.

These images show our dedicated team interacting with visitors at the show, sharing knowledge and experience in the field of cables and wires.